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Jill and Josh Recap: Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Jill and Josh dated from the time they met in high school, and were married just a little while ago.

Here are some of my favorite photos from their wedding! After the ceremony we headed down to The Point for a few photos. It was really early and the sun was overhead, so we found some open shade to take the photos, then headed out to the Airport Marriott for the reception and shot some more photos in their gardens. We barely made it to the car when moments later the skies opened up on us and we got pounded by rain.

Anyways guys, I hope you have a happy and blessed life together.

On to the photos:

Jill and Josh

Jill and Josh

Jill and Josh

Jill and Josh

Jill and Josh

Jill and Josh

More photos to come tomorrow from Jenna and Josh’s wedding.

Jill and Josh

On a side note, a number of wedding photographers from around the United States just headed to Tanzania (South East Africa) to work on providing clean drinking water to those in need through Thirst Relief International. You can follow their blog here! Its awesome because Grace Ormonde Along with these amazing dress makers are sponsoring this awesome trip and Benefit Shoot!

Ines Di Santo

Amy Michelson

Adele Wechsler

Angel Sanchez

Jenny Packham

As many of you know, Ive spent a few months over there, and this trip is awesome because of the long term effects their work will have on the people that they will directly be in contact with. Way too cool! So head over there and check out the blog. If posts don’t seem regular, its because internet is hit or miss over there, as is the power supply in the more remote ares. Till next time…


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Sometime I need a good laugh and today this gave it to me. My buddy Dave made this of us and a few of our drinking buddies. Check out Elf Yourself and see if it doesnt make your sides hurt.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Go Elf Yourself", posted with vodpod

These make me laugh my butt off!!! Thank you Office Max for making me laugh so much

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Another Elf Video", posted with vodpod

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Finally the Election is over. Dissapointment abounds, but the people spoke.

Finally, the season is winding down but I am still super stoked for Saturdays wedding!

Finally I dont have to watch more campaign commercials when all I want to do is watch football.

Finally Rush and Hannity have great material for the next 4-8 years.

Finally I can stop freaking out about uninformed people talking politics and thinking they are on CNN.

And Finally: I’ll stop bitching about the election and suck it up. Obama won; I’ll live.

Have a happy Wednesday. “I’m Palin, I’m out!”

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A Great Weekend

The season is almost coming to an end. One more wedding to go on Saturday, and I am done with weddings until the beginning of January, unless I happen to pick up a last minute one here or there. But Saturday is going to be a ton of fun because my friends Tim and Alison are getting married.

This weekend however was nice and relaxing. I had a great Halloween night with friends down at Saddle Ridge, and I avoided using a camera for most of the night, the best part though, is the photos I took were for friends, which meant that I am not in most of them! GOOD TIMES>

Aside from avoiding shooting Friday though, I did have a shoot on Saturday with a couple from one of my weddings a month back. Diana and Greg came out to shoot some more relaxed portraits as we traipsed around the city having a good time and getting to know each other better.

We were originally going to shoot Diana in her dress again, since she loves it so much, but we decided to hold off until we have some snow to shoot more formal photos. Here is one of my favorites from the day.

Then on Sunday I shot an Engagement session for Megan and Steven out at Ohiopyle. These two have been dating for seven years and are tying the knot next August.

We ran around the waterfalls and the river grabbing photos and getting to know each other. These two chose Ohiopyle because they love kyaking and white water rafting. Guys, have a great year, enjoy the water, and I’ll talk to you soon.


Now I imagine that most of you are sick of the Presidential Campaigns as much as I am, but I feel the need to remind everyone to go out and vote. Seriously, this is the most important election that I can remember, and McCain or Obama will be the future leader of this country.

Now for my thoughts:

Raising my taxes if I make $100k per year, are you serious? That is not upper class, that is middle class in terms of income. Even if a certain some one was to raise that figure to his initial statement of $250k per year before taxes increase, that still isn’t a whole lot of money. If MY taxes were to increase the 7-10% that he has suggested, that decreases my ability to bring on employees which in the end hurts our economy more because a few less people are working. Now multiply that by every person who has money taken away from him because of the tax increase, and that is LOTS of jobs that cannot be created.

A second thought that may make sense, If I am hanging out with racists, and drug dealers, I probably am a racist and a dealer or a drug user. What I am saying is that relationships matter. You cant deny that they exist.

According to the most recent IRS data available, the top 10 percent of households – with incomes roughly $150K or greater – pay roughly 70 percent of all federal income taxes. That share is up from just below 50 percent in 1980. If you include the top quarter of all taxpayers, the share balloons to 85 percent.
Higher taxes = higher expenses.
Higher expenses = cut operating costs.
Cut operating costs = cut JOBS.

Now While I LOVE talking politics, I dont care who you vote for as long as you vote. As a small business owner, I know who I am voting for, and that is why I wrote what I did. But I dont really want to start arguments or get bashed for my views, JUST GO OUT AND VOTE

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I love the fall living here in Western Pa. The leaves change, the weather turns cold, and we begin to usher in the snow that I love so much.

Yesterday was our first snow here in Pa, and up in the mountains they got between one and two inches of snow. Which spells awesomeness!!! It also means that I am not going as Adam for halloween this year because it is way to cold to walk around with just a few fig leafs on. SOOO I now have to create a new costume by this evening so that I can hit up some parties. But it also means that I’ll have some amusing photos for next week.

Yesterday I had two shoots. One way to early in the morning, and the other was in the afternoon at Diesel Club Pittsburgh.

Here are two of the photos from yesterday that i doubt will be used. I cant use any more until the club decides which one they want to use. Thanks Michele for a fun evening.

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