Hey Guys, I’m Dan Speicher, the founder of that totally rad photography company Dan Speicher Photography located in Pittsburgh Pa.

I’ve always loved photography, but I didn’t pursue it as a career until half way through college. During my first few years of college I was an English major, first with the hope of attending law school, and then for newspaper writing. The first wedding I shot was in 2003 as a favor for one of my buddies. I had never seen any wedding photography other than in my parent’s traditional wedding albums, so took a chance and decided to approach that wedding as I would any other event or party. I worked on capturing the emotions around me, and as a result of capturing that emotion and energy, the photos turned out great.

I continued to study writing and print journalism, but I took a studio lighting class and a basic black and white class to gain admittance to the studio and darkroom when I needed them. It was while taking these courses that I began to pursue photography more seriously. I attended lectures by documentary photographers like James Nachtwey, and, in the midst of this, I considered what it was that made me love a photograph. I studied lighting and composition, and I sought to create images that I would be proud to show people. I also thought about what makes a good photographer- the ability to capture a moment, make quick decisions, and think with your heart- and strove to develop these qualities in me. Now, when I’m shooting, I look at what attracts me to a person, whether it is their beauty, laughter, or uniqueness.

A bit about the things I enjoy:
I love photography, snowboarding, rock climbing, fly fishing, concerts, old black and white movies, The PITTSBURGH STEELERS, concerts, country, rock, blues, jazz, volleyball, wakeboarding, skating, mint chocolate chip ice cream, dark chocolate, pizza, my wonderfully supportive family, Jesus Christ my Savior, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, traveling, documentaries, Rwanda, Uganda, Scotland, THE U.S.of A.

I also want to thank my amazing family and friends for your support in building this business. Thank you to my clients, because I wouldnt be where I am today if you guys didnt believe in me, especially Justin and Miranda for making me bring a camera to their wedding. Recession, for letting me use your music, SKIN: you guys help keep me grounded when I loose sight of my purpose. And to those who I have met, and will meet, I hope I influence you in a positive way, and that your influence is positive for me.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” Cesare Pavese

“A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success.” Unknown


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