Check out my photos on KISS ONLINE and Paul Stanley’s Website!

So today I was in Boogie Street Guitars and I found out that the newest photos that I shot of the Washburn PS5 Racing Red Guitar is on the front page of the Kiss Website, as well as on Paul Stanley’s Website!

BooYah! It’s always exciting to see my photos on a huge website like that! And the guitar really is SIIIIICK!

This past Tuesday I hosted a get together for a few local photographers out at my families farm in Ligonier. I brought out two kick ass models Rachel, and Nikkie, and along with Walt Urbina, Don Merz of Ovation Images, Leeann Golish of Diem Photography, and Dana Scheller I tromped them over the country side and into barns and fields. This was just a chance to get out of the office and shoot and hang with other photographers and help eachother out. Guys, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Goodtimes.

Now for the goodness!

I have some wedding images coming soon from the past two weddings, and am super excited to blog them, Im just gonna wait till the couples are jumping outta their skin a lil bit more (j/k). They’ll be up real soon. Promise!


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