Crazy weekend of shooting

Thursday started off nice and mellow. Till I got a call to come up to my buddies studio to help shoot a large group of models for a new salon that is opening up. As soon as the website is up and running I’ll post that on here.

So generally I hate to shoot in the studio. I prefer to be outside, getting fresh air and not having the noise and craziness that is makeup, hair, and wardrobe, swarming around and swallowing me up. So that’s just what I did.

I let the other photographers stay inside and shoot the required shots, and I grabbed a light and went outside.

Behind the studio is a little walled courtyard and thats where I had my fun.





For those interested, these next two shots are at 3200 iso using available light from a motion detector spot light in the back of the studio. This is just one of the reasons that I LOVE the Nikon D700!



Friday I was back in the studio to shoot some promotional photos for Mcfaddens Restaurant and Saloon. This time we shot inside the studio, but being that it was a smaller group, that was ok. We had a blast, and I got to shoot the fun photos that I try to create whenever and wherever possible. After I shot the photos that they needed for their soon to be newest photo, I started to get the girls to jump and dance and hula hoop. Yep thats right, two of my faorites from the day are of Ariel playing with a hula hoop.

Sarah just loves to do her thing! Seriously, I love this girl but she is crazy!


I just love these next two, I think they are fun, and I think they show you a part of who she really is. That is my main goal in photography. I always strive to bring out who people really are, so that they have a part of their legacy and history saved as a single moment.



Anyways, Thats only two days, but I have pleanty more to come soon.

On a side note, I getto go see my sisters this weekend with my mom and dad, down in D.C. I havent seen them forever, and am really looking to spending a nice dinner with the whole family.

If things get crazy I may not be able to blog till next monday, if thats the case, have a great Easter. If if not, well, you’ll see some more new work from Sundays lifestyle session down at Washington and Jefferson College.

By the way, for the photographers out there, I stumbled upon this awesome video from the Free to Succeed Tour with David Jay, and Jasmine Star.

Here Jasmine talks about the importance of a brand from the beginning of the start of your bunsiness.

Check out the video HERE

Its totally worth watching. Thanks Terry Clark for posting this link.


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