What a month

So I havent written since the Superbowl. Sorry about that. Things have been crazy busy, and also very sad. So here’s my February wrap up.

I finally got a new computer and camera and lens. I’m still not fully rebuilt, but I am able to shoot and edit so life is good. Just waiting on my Photoshop so that I can try to fix some past problems. I love Nikon, and the D700 really does make my life easier when it comes to shooting EVERYTHING!

I left for Las Vegas for WPPI (wedding and portrait photographers international) convention at the MGM Grand and experienced Vegas first hand.

A few things about Vegas that I now know.

-Vegas is good for a few things:





However, I dont do the stripper thing, and I cant afford to Gamble. I would only go back to party and see some shows. I was also there for 4 nights. I now know 3 nights is long enough for me.

Thats ok, WPPI was freaking awesome! I learned so much, shot some photos of The David Burke to update his website, he did the same for me, and enjoyed getting out of Pittsburgh for a while.

Here are a few of the Photos of David from when we were shooting. Gotta love it. This guy is a great photographer, and an awesome guy to hang out with. He helped keep me accountable when we were in Vegas, so this was a chance to get out of the casino and grab a few hours of fresh air!

This was with my new Nikon D700 and my Sigma 70-200 2.8. 320 iso,  1/500@2.8!


iso 200 1/1250 @ 2.8


iso 200 1/320@2.8


iso 320 1/800@2.8


I came home to my Grandpa in Critical Care. He passed away last Tuesday February 24th. My Aunt Judy, Dad, and myself were there when he passed away. I love him dearly, and will most certainly miss him. I lived with him for two years while I was going to school and he played Grandpa, Dad, friend, and mentor during that time. He was 87 and a devoted man of God. He was an example of living out the actions of Jesus. My Aunt was telling me that one year he recieved 60 Fathers Day cards from people whos lives he had impacted. Thats the kind of man he was. Once he experienced the salvation of God, he started living it, started acting on it. He didn’t have much to give, but he sent cards to hundreds of people for their birthdays and anniversaries, and counciled many individuals and couples.

If I can grow up to be half the positive influence that he was, I’ll have made a serious difference in the world around me.

Here he is on his 85th birthday. dds_0978crop

This past week was tough. I lost a very dear friend, someone who would just pat me on the knee after my cousin died, and give me a hug after a bad day, and give me simple, honest advice. He was a simple man with good down to earth wisdom. He will be greatly missed my his children, grandchildren, and pretty much everyone who met him as far as I can tell. When I’m finally able to gather my thoughts, I’ll put a true post out about my Grandpa. For today, this will have to work.

With the past week behind me, I head to Florida on Friday for Spring Break in Panama City with a group called We Minus Me. They are a Christian group looking to influence college students through pop culture. I’m gonna be shooting photos and video for thier new website! I’m super stoked. But how couldnt I be! Beach, warm weather, SPRING BREAK! I hope I can still Skim Board. More to come soon. I promise to not let another month pass without a post, but I’m not sure if I’ll have internet while I’m in Florida.


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