SIX IN THIS CITY!!! Steelers brought it down

I just got a new computer. Actually its used, but its new to me. So that means you’ll see more blog posts, and I can finally get back to my life and editing photos the way that I planned before someone decided to steal my life.

But enough about that. I’ve moved on. I now just have to deal with my insurance agent since he sold me coverage that didnt really cover me at all.

But this post is really about the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their 6th, yep SIXTH Superbowl Ring!

So here is one of the great photos from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

ben-with-trophy1I’ll post some of my photos as soon as I can get Photoshop re-installed onto my computer. But after the game was over the Southside of Pittsburgh was shut down and the fans spilled out of all the bars into the middle of the streets. It was insane! You literally couldnt see the street and sidewalks because it as so busy.

SO in the spirit of my insane excitement, and for the sake of my hands (which are missing fingers from my insane chewing during the last 12 minutes) all I have to say is “STEELERS NATION”! We really are the best in the world. I’m proud of you guys, and Ben, I may not like you personally, but you are the perfect leader on the field, and the right man for the job. Great work Pittsburgh!

Oh if anyone knows of any good parties in Vegas next week during WPPI, please let me know.



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2 responses to “SIX IN THIS CITY!!! Steelers brought it down

  1. Marcia

    So what’s so wrong with Ben, and when did your friendship end? And why?

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