My other Grind

AS many of you know, while I have my own business, I also shoot products for a local guitar company based out of Pittsburgh. Boogie Street Guitars is an awesome business started by Eric McKenna 10 years ago out of his basement. It has since grown into a Washburn Guitars, and Bernie Rico Jr Guitars haven.

I love working here part time because Eric really understands customer service, and has built his company around flawless reviews on Ebay.

Today I was shooting some guitars that we just got into the store.

These are Nick Catonese of Black Label Society “Evil Twin” Washburn Guitars. Pretty cool for guitar lovers, but since we shoot so many guitars, it really makes me think about each individual guitar and try to showcase the uniqueness of each one. Here is a little collage of the two guitars I shot today.

The Red USA version really stands out as a beautiful peice of art.


I wanted to show these photos, because while product shots are not my specialty, I believe that when you approach every shoot with a positive attitude, and look for what makes it unique, you can come up with really great images, and that reflects on you as a photographer.

I’ve been thinking about how I reflect myslef as a photographer lately after hearing horror stories on modeling forums, and I am determined to bring my best even if i am not completely comfortable with what I am shooting.

The path to perfection only leads to procrastination”

I’ve been seeing this quote alot lately and it has made me think about my life. While I want to be prefect in everything I do, Sometimes giving it my best and pursuing it with passion can make up for the lack of perfection.

Anyways, its time to go edit a shoot from a week ago since I havent been home. Blessings this Christmas season, and I hope peace and joy fill your worlds.



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2 responses to “My other Grind

  1. Marcia

    Beautiful work! Love the colors – the wood looks like satin

  2. yup… indeed…. that Eric McKenna cat is one helluva guy…


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