I had the awesome privilage of shooting some photos for my friend Tiff when she was in town a few weeks ago. She moved from Pittsburgh to the country capital of America, and needed some new headshots, as well as some photos of her tattoo for a sponsorship she was working on.

These are my favorite photos from the day. Isn’t she just beautiful!


This was a great time for shooting for me because I had a chance to play with studio lights and I dont get that chance very often.

On a side not, I am so excited for Thanksgiving. I love having all my family at one place, and this year my parents are hosting all the cousins and kids. That means 30-40 people in a small farmhouse, but hey its family. And we are all so cool and collected that we love practically sitting on top of each other during dinner.

Anyways, good times, have fun getting ready for spending time with your family.


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  1. Thank you so much…everyone loves them! You are a talented man, Mr. Speicher. Happy Thanksgiving.

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