Wedding+New Lenses=GREAT WEEK

So as I have mentioned a little bit lately, I finally made the move to Full Frame, and I stayed with Nikon, but one of my problems has been finding fast lenses that I can afford. The new Nikon 14-24 2.8 and 24-70 2.8 lenses have great reviews for colors and sharpness, but each one is more than $1200. So I have been searching for affordable alternatives that get me better better apertures than 2.8! That means prime lenses, and Nikon falls very short in offering fast consistent and accurately focusing prime lenses.

Besides the 35 2.0, the 50 and 80mm lenses are all that are offered at 1.8-1.4. This matters for a few reasons, but the main reason for me is I want to be able to isolate my subject and put my point of focus directly where I want it.

So I just picked up these bad boys.

nikon_sigma_lensLet me introduce the Nikon 35/2.0 and the Sigma 24/1.8. These are the newest members of my arsenal, and are dueling it out for a place in my camera bag. One will make it, but depending on the images from last nights wedding, both may find a place into my heart.

Both lenses are slower focusing than I would like, but Nikon doesn’t seem to find prime lenses as an important part of a kit. The Sigma I did not expect to focus very fast, but it feels good in my hands, all would be good if it focused faster in super low light.

The Nikon 35 seems to be sharp (according to my lcd screen) but time will tell, my biggest complaint with both lenses though, is the slow focus, maybe the 24-70 is worth the money, if its sharp and fast. But I really would love that extra stop of light.

Last nights wedding was awesome! Tim and Allison met at Sharky’s Restaurant while she was singing Karaoke… After meeting Tim, she wasn’t so interested in singing that night. But that all came full circle when Allison sat Tim down on a chair on the dance floor, and began to sing Sarah McLaughlin’s “Angel”. The rest of the night was spent with guests enjoying a great dinner and great music at the Le Mont.

On A Separate Note:

One thing I have to know from other photographers, and suggest to brides; Photographers out there, have you ever had a pastor tell you that you cant move from the very back of the church, and if you did he would stop the ceremony and yell at you?

If you did, how would you respond to this situation? I had this happen recently, and I am still pretty irritated by it. What this did was make it impossible to get any shots of the bride and groom, or faces, or reactions from friends and family because they were at the front of the church facing away from me. Please leave some comments and tell me how you would handle the situation. For what its worth, the parents were pretty upset about this, but the pastor was very hard to work with, he didn’t want to even discuss any kind of options.

A Tip For Brides:

Brides, please make sure that the pastor knows that the photographer is there to document your day completely. We are not there to be disruptive, but we do need to be able to do our jobs that you hired us for.

Anyways, photos from yesterdays wedding will follow soon, and the rest of it was just food for thought.


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