I love the fall living here in Western Pa. The leaves change, the weather turns cold, and we begin to usher in the snow that I love so much.

Yesterday was our first snow here in Pa, and up in the mountains they got between one and two inches of snow. Which spells awesomeness!!! It also means that I am not going as Adam for halloween this year because it is way to cold to walk around with just a few fig leafs on. SOOO I now have to create a new costume by this evening so that I can hit up some parties. But it also means that I’ll have some amusing photos for next week.

Yesterday I had two shoots. One way to early in the morning, and the other was in the afternoon at Diesel Club Pittsburgh.

Here are two of the photos from yesterday that i doubt will be used. I cant use any more until the club decides which one they want to use. Thanks Michele for a fun evening.


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