Tim and Allison E-Session

Tim and Allison are getting married in November and I am super excited to shoot these photos. They laugh a lot, smile a lot, and it’s obvious just being around them that they are in love.

I’ve known Allison and her family for years, but just over the past year and a half or so have gotten to know Tim better.

That said, there is little in life more special than sharing an important day with friends, but photographing their life starting together is such an honor.

So guys, here are a few photos to tide you over for a little bit, enjoy:

These two are a blast to be around. Sunday afternoon we headed out to the place that Tim proposed and shot their engagement photos. Along the way to the destination, we would stop and get out and shoot a few photos, and even had Wiesel (their dog) stop running around long enough to get him in some shots.

This was my second day shooting with the Nikon D700 and as you can see the images are amazing! The photo of them in between the rocks was shot at 1000 ISO and it looks like ISO500 or so. The autofocus is also spot on.

I cant wait to shoot more with this camera.



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3 responses to “Tim and Allison E-Session

  1. Hey Dan,
    I really like image #2 & #3 in this strip of images. I’m interested to know your lighting and the technical details of #2-the close up of their faces.
    Awesome work!

  2. oh yeah, the rock rocks too. ha

  3. danspeicher

    Hey Dana

    That second photo was shot at iso 250, 1/6400 sec, with a 50mm 1.8 wide open.

    The full frame sensor really gives the 50 a great field of view, but it was still my favorite lens on my other cameras as well.

    the fast aperture (1.8) really blurs the blackground and brings the focus to the subjects, oh and its cheap and TACK sharp

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