Whats happening to football?

I’m not sure whats going on here, but check out the REF taking out South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia!

Ok, now for a question if you can stop laughing: Anyone headed to NYC for PDN’s Photo Plus Expo? If so let me know. I think I’m headed up Wed for a meeting Thursday morning with Film Aid, and then gonna hang out for a while and see whats new at the show.

Le me know if you’re gonna be up there.

by the way, Full frame is the way to go. I just shot my first wedding and engagement session with the Nikon D700 and I am stunned. Image quality is amazing, low noise at High ISO is amazing, but the coolest thing is that I was really able to use my 50mm lens again for a LARGE portion of the day. It is taking me a while to realize that I have to move a lot closer to get the same shot as before, but its worth it. Especially considering how bright the viewfinder is.

Images will be up soon I promise.


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