AJ and Dawns Wedding

AJ and Dawn were married back in September and I have been so busy since then that I completely forgot to post on the blog since then.

They met through a writers workshop, and AJ flew to Ireland for their first date while Dawn was attending a workshop.

Sine then their love has grown and they have become inseparable.

They had a very intimate wedding with just the two of them, Dawns boys, and her best friend at the beautiful Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

As I promised yesterday, here are some of my favorite images from the day.

She gave him the key to her heart!

The whole group was just a blast. They were constantly laughing and making faces at each other, and here is the proof from Dawn.

I love the flair here.

On a non wedding related note, last night was Brooks and Dunn, ZZ Top and Rodney Atkins. Good times! All three were awesome, but it was so cool to see ZZ Top. They even played one of my favorite blues songs: Jesus Left Chicago!

This week is another busy one as weddings come and go, and I continue to prep for Uganda, but I am super stoked for the rewards at the end of the tunnel.


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