Its been a while, but life has been super busy around here, as well as at Boogie Street Guitars where I shoot guitars for for the company. As a result, I haven’t been blogging nearly enough, but I have been updating Facebook and Twitter like crazy, so if you arent already my friend, please, say hi, follow my life, it can be pretty interesting at times.

So Whats new. After Polo for the Cure, I had a wedding the next day. We were up at Nemacolin for the day, and shoot some great images of a very small intimate wedding. Photos will be coming soon.

The next weekend I was out in New Jersey and NYC. I got to go to the ocean which was the first time that I had been there in years, and boy do I miss it. I love the wind rolling off the water and the sound of waves hitting the beach, but as the weather gets colder that looses a bit of its appeal. Now combine that with 70 degree days and 50 degree nights and you have yourself a winner in my books. Needless to say though, it was fun.

The next weekend I shot two last minute weddings. The images will be up soon, but let me tell you I had a great time with both those weddings of Friday and Sunday, and Saturday was a walk for the Alzheimer’s Association at the Pittsburgh Zoo, and I got to go into the employee area and hang out closer to the silver-back gorillas. Photos to follow soon.

I also will be receiving my new Nikon D700 on Friday. I am super stoked, and hope to figure it out enough to be able to at least play with it at my Saturday wedding. I’ll be sure to post images and my opinion as soon as I form one good or bad. But if the sensor and auto focus are truly like the D3 I cant imagine any complaints here.

But anyways, I am alive, I promise. I am about to head out to the Brooks and Dunn concert tonight, and walk down that Red dirt road. Until I get those photos up check facebook and Twitter


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