Stupid storm

Have you ever felt completely helpless? Nothing is working, and every ounce of you wants to scream?

Since last night I have been without power. Cold showers. A melting freezer. Those are things I can't control.

But more frustrating than that is not being able to upload wedding images to my blog for my clients to get an early look at their weddings.

This weekend I had two awesome weddings. And both locations were amazing portrait opportunities. Until it started raining Friday morning and didn't stop till early Sunday morning.

Fridays wedding was supposed to be a beautiful outdoor sunset ceremony that was moved inside, and Saturday we were supposed to shoot portraits at Phipps Conservatory then head to the church. Well it decided to rain till right before the ceremony but we managed to grab some great photos throughout the day.

Both couples were amazing and I'm pleased to know them both. Josh and Christan, Matt and Kavitha have great honeymoons and I can't wait for you to see your images.

But to take me back to my earlier rant. I had a great weekend filled with beautiful brides and good looking grooms with a dash of rain tossed in. Those in the path of the hurricane were in harms way.

My prayers go out to those in trouble. Be thankful for little inconvienienes because your safety isn't at risk.

Dan Speicher
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