Pelee Island Round 3

Family and friends may be the most important things in life. With out both, you really arent living to your fullest potential. That said, I love my family. My mom and dad are so supportive, and my sisters are awesomely talented young women.

This Sunday after my late Saturday wedding I woke up and decided to go up to our family cottage with my parents, youngest sister, and her boyfriend.

Pelee Island is a magical place, and is rarely busy even during the summer when the tourists are up there.

So I headed up for two days and what may be my last trip up there this year.

Sunday was amazing! IT was HOT HOT HOT! But after a few bottles of wine at the winery we got to the house and dove into the lake.

The weather being so perfect, i felt the need to rub it in to a friend back home. the result was the next two days in the low 70’s and really windy. Serves me right for talking to soon. But that didnt stop me from swimming. In fact the water was warmer than the air (not really but it sure felt like it cause it was so windy).

So Here are some pics of mom and dad, Krista and Sam, and our beach.

My Amazing Parents:

Krista and Sam:
My beautiful sister

Our Perfect beach:

Ellie unfortunately couldnt make it to Pelee with us because she has a real job in Washington DC, but she was greatly missed.

We love you El.

More to come after my wedding this weekend.
Have a blessed week.


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    What a lovely blog

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