Great week

Once again I'm coming from my iPhone on Friday night. Normally I'd be getting ready to go out, but I have a super early wedding tomorrow and I had a Photoshoot all day. I'm tired and ready to watch the olympics.

Speaking of the olympics: micheal phelps is simply amazing. It's no wonder why kids are already signing up for swim team. Heck. I'm ready to jump in a pool and start swimming laps. On another thought, does anyone not think he's going to win the 8 gold medals? However I'm waiting for food right now so he may have swam already. I hope not though cause watching him has been an experience. The USA beach volleyball teams see also amazing.

Enough about that though. Last night I got to spend the night at home hanging with my sister whom I haven't seen for a while. She's growing up so fast. Sorry Krista. I had to. Anyways I love you a lot and will see you soon.

Images will follow soon but my foods ready.

Peace. I'm hungry.

Dan Speicher
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