Jess and Derek

Jess and Derek met through mutual friends. For a long time Jess couldn’t stand Derek. But from the moment they met, Derek was taken.

Jess hated the fact that he would get mad if she went on a date or danced with other guys, but eventually she asked him if they were going to go on a date! Funny how things turn around isn’t it!

Saturday was an AWESOME wedding. Jess and Derek live in Florida, and they came home to the north for their wedding day.

It was beautiful weather, and the first bit of the day was spent getting to know the bridesmaids and watching them recover from the party the night before! Knowing that they were out later than I was the night before made me feel that much better, and I worked hard to open them up and get them laughing.

Here are some detail composites: Sorry but I’m a Steelers Fan!

The photo if the bride putting on the necklace was an emotional moment. Derek’s mom had just given Jess the necklace that she had given to her mother. Since she had no daughters she passed it on to Jess.
The whole group was a ton of fun. The shirts all had the girls names on them, which definitely helped me out early on.

Then of course there is the champaign! Jess pops the bottle, while up in the hotel Derek Goes straight from the bottle. (hey thats what you do when there aren’t enough glasses!)

I love this photo of the first kiss! There are sharper photos but the motion adds emotion and art to a normally static photo.
Derek looking GQ on his wedding day. I love the look on his face.
Jess is so beautiful! I know I say this about all of my brides, but I am really blessed to be able to shoot such beautiful people on the outside as well as on the inside.
Here they are laughing together! In these situations I usually just step back and move around without bothering them with much direction. It gives them a chance to relax with each other, and I get great images that they don’t even know are coming!

I love this light here

And Here

Some Nice back light courtesy of Nikon’s CLS
You guys were so much fun, and I hope that you have a great honeymoon!



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