RIP Jason Robert Morris

He was a cousin, a friend, and a brother in Christ. Jason Morris died early Thursday morning as he was driving to visit his fiance’. He fell asleep on the turnpike and drifted off the road.

Jason was my cousin and my friend. I miss him more than I ever thought possible. While we weren’t as close as we should be, Jas was always there when I needed him to be. He would drop things with a moments notice and run to help a friend in need.

Recently he and I didn’t see much of each other. We lived close but ran in different circles, worked to often, and generally just didn’t make time together a priority. I wish that I had. It’s so hard knowing that I will not see him for a very long time, (or short if that is Gods plan), but I know that he is sitting next to Jesus, and gaining the riches that were stored in heaven for him.

Typically this isnt something that I would blog about, but as I sit here getting ready to speak at his funeral today, my heart is hurting so much at the loss of my friend and cousin that I feel compelled to ask a favor. If you have had harsh words with a friend, or a family member, please, say a kind word. Spend some time together and let them know that you love them.

Life can be taken away in the blink of an eye. There is no schedule for when our time on earth is up. God calls us home when it suites his purpose, not when we are ready. Keep that in mind, make your heart right. Dont hold grudges or animosity. Tell people in your life that you care about them.

I know that this post may not be P.C. but thats not the purpose, the purpose is to encourage everyone to live life to the fullest and love to the fullest. We never know when tragedy is just around the bend, and every day is a gift from above.

Mom and Dad, Ellie and Krista, I love you all very much. Thanks for being a WONDERFUL family. I couldn’t ask for more.



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2 responses to “RIP Jason Robert Morris

  1. mespeicher

    I love you Danny.

  2. Franklin's Blog Spot

    Danny boy I love you! And your blog is amazing! I am so very proud of you. thank you for capturing my graduation. the picture where stance is hugging me is my favorite ever!

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