As I said last week, I promised that I would post photos and so here they are. These first ones are from a great wedding from a few weeks ago. The couple was so sweet, and a blast to work with.

I am truly blessed to be able to go out and document a new couples first hours together and capturing once in a lifetime moments and giving vision to those memories.

Then on May 6th I got to shoot Kevin and his fiance Ambers’ engagment session. These two are really in love, and have become great friends of mine over the past year. I met Kevin while shooting at Diesel Club in Pittsburgh. Kevin is the GM and a kick ass bartender as the bartenders battle proved.

For this session we just played around the city. We took the incline, not to shoot on Mt Washington, but so that we could shoot inside the lift.

Then we walked around the city before jumping on the trolly and going to grab a drink. Kevin and Amber decided that this was the time to taunt eachother and each put on their repective teams jersey’s. Amber is a true Pittsburgher and a die hard Steelers fan. Kevin somehow ended up a broncos fan, but since I’m from Pittsburgh, they dont deserve capitalization. lol.

Check the photos out, more will follow after their wedding this Sunday, or as soon as their engagement album is in my hands and I can shoot some photos of it.

WE used KISS Albums to create and engagement/ guest sign in Album, and I will have it by tomorrow at the latest. I cant wait to see this beautiful book.

Keep it cool till Sunday guys.


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