Lots to come!

So as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been slacking on the blogging part of my life, but that is only because I have been pretty busy over the past few weeks.

I have been shooting weddings, which I will be blogging soon, and working like crazy at Boogie Street Guitars.

I’ve also been house sitting for my parents while they decided to ditch Pa for 10 days and head out to San Fransisco and go up into wine country. But while they were gone I got to ride horses and play tennis so I think that I made out pretty good too.

I have also been having car problems that have been driving me up a wall! actually that is a lot calmer than I feel right now. I’m not sure if you remember the TV commercials a little while back, where people were dropping boulders and pushing their cars off of parking garage roof’s, but that is exactly what I feel like doing. In fact, if I hadn’t gotten to play with a new Nikon D3 this weekend while shooting a wedding, and didn’t feel like I NEED TO HAVE ONE, I think my car would be lying in a ditch right now with all its windows broken out!

It seems like every time I drive my parents car for a week, my car gets VERY JEALOUS and decides that its going to have problems. To make matters worse, this week my mechanic cant figure out why the car wont start. Now I have to take it to a dealer. Oh well. At least I am blessed enough to have my parents help me out with one of their cars while I am trying to get mine fixed.

Thanks guys.

In other news, HOW ‘BOUT THEM PITTSBURGH PENGUINS!!!!!!!! That’s right, 16 games so far and only one loss. KNOCK ON WOOD! but we did crush Philadelphia last night while in Philly! Oh it is so sweet.

While I am normally not much of a hockey fan, i prefer my football, I have to say that I have gotten behind the Pens during the last third of the season, and now I am addicted.

I’m also not sure if many of you have heard of Pandora.com but it is Internet radio that lets you choose the music that you listen to. You pick the artist or song and it plays music that sounds like what you chose. I’ve been using it for the past year but I had forgotten about it till I started working at BSG. Check it out.

That’s enough for today, but I promise that photos from weddings and portraits will be coming soon. Cheer for the Pens tomorrow as they take on Philly in Philly for game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. IT COULD ALL BE OVER TOMORROW!



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