Should be FUN!

So baseball season started a while ago. Yippee! For those of you that follow baseball, you understand that me, being from Pittsburgh, has a hard time getting excited about the Pittsburgh Pirates. THEY SUCK! We havent had a winning season since ’92 I believe, and yeah I do mean 1992, but its been so long that it feels like it could be 1892.

That doesent mean that going to baseball games cant be fun for me though. Tonight I am heading downtown, where I am going to sing “Take me out to the ball game” at the top of my lungs, eat a hotdog, and drink a soda.

The Pens are also playing tonight. At 7pm they take on the NY Rangers in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. LETS GO PENS!

While the Pirates game will be fun, and the fireworks will be great, anyone whos is watching the Pens game on TV, please text me updates. Really, I am very serious, please tell me whats going on!

I can only hope that the Pirates will be kind enough to put the Pens game on the big screen so that I can enjoy both.

Tonight Saddle Ridge Coutry Saloon has its new GRAND OPENING. They are cutting the bar down in size, and re-designing the place. I am excited to see how it looks. For those who dont know me all that well, Saddle was one of my jobs while I was going to school.

Good luck tonight guys. If you are in the area, stop on in. It should be a fun time.

So now I leave you. I have a wedding coming up in a week, an engagement shoot two days later, and house sitting for my parents for a week. While I am at their house, I’ll try to blog more often.

Keep It Real!


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