Here in Pennsylvania, the primaries are heating up between Obama and Clinton. If you are a registered Democrat, get out and vote. For those of you in states yet to be determined, make sure you go out and vote. This election in a pivotal point in recent history, and will decide the economy as well as the governments involvement in peoples personal lives for the years to come.

That said, before you vote, take the time to educate your selves. Voting isn’t just about voting party lines because you were raised that way. Its not about global warming, but it is about the economy, Americas position in Iraq and other countries around the world, and those bitsy things like taxes, and immigration.

So take an hour or two. Read a voters guide, and don’t just base your decisions off of TV ads.

We have an inherent right to vote, and every able person should.

Happy election day to all you Pennsylvanians. See you in November!


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  1. mespeicher

    Thank you Dan. I appreciate your call to responsibility.

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