Life without "normal comforts"

It’s kinda funny when I think about it. I have traveled to Africa twice, and both times I had an easier time checking email and getting online than I do now. As I have been blogging about for the past two weeks, I have recently moved into a new apartment with a buddy of mine. Currently we still do not have internet, and it is KILLING ME! So I have been going to Panera’s to work so that I can check my email and post photos that I need to, all the while pretending that I am not trying to move into the chair that I have been inhabiting for so long.

We are currently deciding on Verizon or Comcast for internet, but the earliest we can get it installed is NEXT WEEK.
So here i sit, laughing quietly to myself about the fact that it was easier for me to have internet access in Uganda than it is here in Pittsburgh.
Oh well, here are a few photos from my first wedding of the year.
Paul and Wendy met while studying pharmaceuticals, and finally tied the knot. They had classes together, (well, Wendy stared at Paul’s head) and Paul finally asked her out. They were married on a beautiful April day, and the rain held off and allowed the sun to shine. 
They were married at Springwood Manor in a very intimate setting. 
Check out the photos: 


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