Crazy Busy

WOW! I cant believe that it has been 2 weeks since I last posted on this blog. However, I it’s not like I haven’t been posting anywhere. I have been shooting a few concerts for Diesel Club, and have been posting on their blog that I started, more than I have on mine. Their blog is just a way for me to show their clients what has been going on, and to showcase the photos in a easy to view manor. 

Anyways, check out that blog to see photos from Saving Jane, The Toasters, and Finch.
I am also doing some work for an online magazine called Popular Underground. The cool thing about this, is that while it is model photography, I really have the ability to shoot whatever I want to, and that means for me, less glamour, and more fun/fashion.
Last week, Jen (my model) and I ventured outside to shoot some alternative style photos, and then this week we headed indoors at One Up Skate Shop, to shoot more fashion and fun images.
Check out some of the pics. 

Part two of the shoot: Indoors. I love having a white background. the look is so clean and simple, and you can have a ton of fun with it.

Here is Jen goofing off when she thinks I’m not paying attention. Moments like this are what can make shoots so much fun. 

It makes me happy to know that models are that comfortable around me, and to know that they enjoy shooting with me.
Thanks to Jen for being such a wonderful model, and to One Up Skate Shop for letting us use their brand new space at 1409 Carson St. in the South Side.


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