Cool actions and Textures

I recently found some cool actions that are free, as well as some cool textures. While many people use textures, I have never used them, but think that I am going to start shooting some of my own. Every once in a while, I like to create images that aren’t typically associated with my style of photography. 

I do this because it helps me to think more about the final image of the photos while I am shooting them, and allows me the freedom to shoot a little bit more creatively. I do this so that my clients continue to get the best images that I can produce, and to keep me on my toes. The last thing that I ever want, is for my images to begin to look tired, boring and expected. 
The actions and textures that I used on this image are courtesy of Dror Eyai. A South African Wedding photographer.  His 8+5 pack has some nice actions and textures, and are easy to use. Plus they are free.
On the exciting part of typical life, tonight is guys night. This is a night where a group of guys from church get together and shoot some pool or play poker. tonight I am hosting the evening, and making a Beef BBQ, and a homemade sauce. It is kinda spicy, but it should be awesome with some coleslaw on the sandwiches. any ways, we are gonna hang out a play some poker, and catch up on life.
In a few weeks, I am going to see the AMC Best Picture Showcase, featuring all five best picture Oscar Nominees. Seeing as I haven’t seen any of them yet, I am really excited. Michael Clayton, There Will be Blood, Atonement, and No Country for Old Men are high on my list of must see, and Juno looks really good.
I know that it is a waste of a god day, but I don’t go to movies much, and that is my birthday present to myself. 
Friday and Saturday are concert nights, so I’ll post after I have some good images from that. Saving Jane is on Saturday, and I am excited to see that show.

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