Superbowl Sunday

With all the talk that is going around today, and the Patriots being a 14 point favorite, I just want to take a moment to pray for the NY Giants. 

Father, bless the Giants as they prepare for battle today. Help them to overcome the evil that sits as the AFC Champions, and has pushed many great teams from this world wide event.
May Mannings arm be true, and Plexico’s mind be sharp. May Brady forget what a football is meant for, and see his perfect season come to an end. 
In the name of the Your Son, have mercy on our conference and let us see Boston shamed on this winter eve.
Incase you are unable to tell, I hate the Pats. I believe Tom Brady to be the best QB in the game, no holds barred, but it doesnt mean that I dont want them to loose for beating the Steelers in regular season. Regardless of what happens, it is going to be a great game. 
Lets GET IT Started!

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One response to “Superbowl Sunday

  1. mespeicher

    That is so nice. And what about all those faithful prayers going up for the Pats?

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