There are times in photography when the facets of it begin to change to the point of a new genre in film.

Today i stumbled upon a “video” that is actually photos shot on three different levels and brought together so that each layer moves at its own speed. This is not something that i am familiar with, nor is anything that I have ever seen before, but it really does almost appear 3D.

Check this out and tell me what you think. Is this going to become more popular, or will photography and video still stay separate even as the two mediums are brought closer by artists.

On a photography note, here are some of the images that I shot last week for a friend.

Strobist Info:

This first shot is lit by two 1600w strobes fired through white umbrellas front and rear of model, and one 800w strobe with a reflector to shoot the shadow onto the wall.

This second shot is pretty much the same setup as used in the first shot.

The third shot is one strobe camera right fired through a white umbrella, with just the edge of the light hitting the model


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