Things have been crazy since New Years. This weekend I shot 7 bands. On Saturday Diesel held the finals for their Battle of the Bands, and I want to throw a big Shout to my buddy Brad and his band Recession. These guys killed it, and they won the Battle of the Bands. It kind of shocked me, because one of the bands sold like 120 tickets on their own.

Metropolitans were a close second in my book. it’s like taking a bit of Ska and swing, and merging it together.

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Audios also put a great show on.

And Echobox put on a GREAT set too.

Friday during the day I was doing a model shoot. Some of those pics may end up on here, but they are on my model mayhem page currently.

Saturday after the concert, I went to saddle for a friends birthday party. Debbies birthday was actually monday, and her Mom’s was sunday, so they blew out the candles together.

It was a great time with friends, and tomorrow I actually get to cook her a birthday dinner. That should be fun, and she is putting a lot of faith in my ability to cook, but i doubt that I will disappoint.

Anyways, the Von Bondies played at Diesel on Sunday. It was a pretty cool show, and you may recognize them from the theme song to the FX show “Rescue Me”.

I’ll get some pics up soon.

Till then, have a great life.


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