Merry Christmas!!!

The fam, from left to right: Krista, Dad with Rosie, and Mom with Willie and Grace between her and Ellie

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a great day with their friends and family, and that the holiday wasn’t too hectic.

It was such a great time for me yesterday. I went home on Christmas Eve, and was able to enjoy a wonderful dinner with my parents and sisters who are on break right now, and then wake up and open presents with the family.

Every year my mom makes a great Christmas breakfast for us, and this year I wanted her to have a chance to relax a little bit, so I took care of cooking for the troops. I made eggs Benedict, but I left the hollandaise sauce to my mom. she does such a great job with it and I didnt want to ruin everyones day by improperly cooking it.

After breakfast, we took a hike around the farm as a family, which is something that we haven’t done for a LONG time. While we were hiking, i grabbed some photos of the family since we aren’t together very often any more. Its weird because we have all lived at home until two years ago, and we never spent much time together as we grew older. Now, when we have time together, it means a lot more to remember those moments.

Here is mom and dad with Jessie(right) and Deacon(Left)Christmas night we drove into the “burgh” for a cousin get together. It’s a tradition that’s going on 20 years of Pancake dinners. We do this because there are so many people in the house, that feeding everyone any other way, would be a HUGE undertaking that no one is up to because it is Christmas and we want to spend time together.

I hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas.


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