One Republic

This week has been a crazy week for me. It is obviously Christmas time, and that means a ton of parties going on. This week has been exceptionally busy because I am shooting at Diesel every night this week. On Monday we started off the week with a KILLER concert by new group One Republic, and they put on a crazy show. They currently have two songs on the radio, but the one it is best known is “Apologize”.
I am also getting my Christmas cards finished up. I owe everything that I have right now to the clients and couples that have become my friends and given me a chance. This year the theme is “Who Needs Mistletoe” I am also offering a discount on all of my photography right now. For a limited time, weddings, events/parties, lifestyle sessions, and portraits/head shots, may take 15% off. But this is a limited time offer and is not good for events that happen after May 1st.

This is the back, and you will have to wait to see the front, but I think that it is one of the best looking cards that I have ever seen.

In keeping with the “Who Needs Mistletoe” theme, I would love to hear some funny mistletoe stories from parties, the office, etc.

Tonight we are shooting a music video at Diesel. Actually it is over the course of the next two nights, and it is more of an intro to the website, and a My Space commercial. It should be pretty cool, and I will try to get something edited before the Steelers game on Sunday to show you the club and what we are trying to do.

Anyways, something that Jasmine Star mentioned on Tuesday was creating a notebook with ideas and thing that you learn about photography. Two years ago i started a folder that I would place pages from magazines in. It was shots that there was something more to than just plane visual stimulation. On those pages are notes about lighting, poses, trends, anything that I can come back to and see something new in. There are times when life is just to busy to get to try everything that you want to, so for me this folder is a way of going back in time, seeing past present, and since we know the cycle, future trends in clothing, posing, and lighting. For me, this is a way to help me through technical problems, and inspire me when I am slacking.

I would love to hear what other folks do for inspiration. How did you get yourself through that period of brain block?

Brides, I believe that this is a great way for you to prepare for your wedding as well. If you see certain poses, or types of locations, things that you want included in your wedding, flowers, linens, dresses, colors, anything, this is a great way to convey what it is that you are looking for, and when you get stuck on a detail, you can look into your folder, and work past your current problem or indecisiveness. Sometimes we all need to be inspired, let others help you do that.

EDIT: Last night was the 102.5 WDVE Christmas party, and it was a blast. Pittsburgh Steeler Big Ben showed up to do a Christmas song for the crowd, and Brett Keisel joined in for the fun.
Here is Ben Roethlisberger and WTAE Tv’s Sally Wiggins hanging out during the show.


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