I may possibly be the happiest person alive right now. Well maybe except for Mike Colon who lives in CA, and has perfect surfing weather in Newport Beach right now. But For me, here in Western PA, I am really stoked because this hopefully means the start of a GREAT ski season for Seven Springs and I am really getting antsy to start snowboarding. Now that school is done, my life will finally have time for one of my favorite past times.

The snow started as I was driving home last night. I only had a 20 minute drive but the last 5 miles or so were a blizzard. The snow was coming down so hard that I couldn’t use my high beams, and there was enough on the road, that I started to fishtail as I turned onto my road.

Anyways, I hope that everyone is enjoying their respective weather, but while I hate the cold, I love the snow. Keep lovin.


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