Way to go Steelers

I had such a great weekend. Friday I got to hang out with some great friends, and Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing the Pittsburgh Steelers come back from an 11 point lead that the Cleveland Browns held at the end of the first half, and win by three points. After the Monday night game against Baltimore, ESPN was giving the Steelers 9 points but anyone who really knows the Steelers knows that they RARELY cover the spread. In a friendly bet between my buddy Todd who is a die hard Browns fan, I had the Steelers at +3. Way to go guys, they played a great Game.

Above is a picture of my friends Ashley (right) and Steph (center). We met up at like 1130 and proceeded to begin tailgating with some other friends of mine from Saddle Ridge. It was a great time, and we partied all day in celebration.

Here Ashley Steph, John, and I are just loving the energy after such a great game.
This was Ashley’s first game, and I am so happy that she got to see such a great fight. I do know that I don’t want to play the Browns in the Playoffs if this is how the game is going to go. I nearly had a heart attack on multiple occasions.

After the game we tailgated for a bit longer, but then it started to pour down rain so we headed to McFadden’s to have a few more drinks and get a little bit crazy.

We then headed over to Jerome Bettis’ Grill 36 for a quick bite to eat. The atmosphere is great, but the food wasn’t really all that hot, and it wasn’t like it was that busy when we got there, but I think that I will try it again to see if it improves. It did just open up recently, and all the reviews have been good so far, so who knows what happened.


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