That is correct. The greatest team in the NFL the Pittsburgh Steelers will be taking on the Baltimore Ravens (the worst team due to a heavy rivalry) and tonight, we will have Cleveland Brown fans (who hate us almost as much as the Ravens) cheering us to victory.

Last night was one of the best games that I have watched in a year. Watching New England come back from a 10 point difference was a beautiful thing. But they had to fight for every inch of turf. The Colts were not about to give a game away.

Last week was a very long week. Parties started last Thursday for Halloween, and I shot my last one Wed night at Diesel. I also shot some photos for my Aunt Marge and her other half Randy Hall. Randy restores classic cars in the Classic sense of the word. Here is his 1909 Buick Model 16. He is receiving a touring award for his car.

It is certainly beautiful. Here they are in a classic pose as it would have appeared back in the day. The difference is the fact that there is color involved in the photo. But I like it better than a straight black and white.


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