Happy Halloween Eve

I am really stoked for the next few days. I have been kinda sick over the past few days, but the Steelers played an awesome game and I am stoked for Monday night against Baltimore.

My cousin just had a baby on Saturday, and she is so precious. I will post a photo of her as soon as I actually have one that I can post. Congratulations Carrie.

I also just delved into the art of making lasagna for the first time today. Wow. It actually turned out good, so everyone that will be eating it at the Halloween Party at church tomorrow doesn’t have too much to worry about. It was definitely an experience because I didn’t just make one lasagna, I made two huge pans of it, and then one for my grandfather and myself.

My website has been launched, but do to technical difficulties, it takes about three minutes to load. I am working on getting that fixed ASAP, because that kind of defeats the purpose.

I am also currently booking weddings for 2008 and on, from the end of March and on. I will be traveling in Africa from December 17- the middle of March, off and on, so I am trying to avoid anything in between. That is so I can get my interviews and footage I need all in one sweep, and then focus on the interviews that I need to get in the states. (This is for the Education in Africa documentary).

I am really excited for the next year. Since I have only graduated a few months ago, this is an exciting time of getting my future launched.

I also cannot wait for snow to come. While I may be on the East Coast, I was a children’s ski instructor for nearly 7 seasons, but because of my heavy workload, I haven’t skied for two full seasons. I just hope that we have a good snow year.

Sorry that today is short, but I have finally had my medicine kick in, and I am going to bed. Sweet Dreams


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