I know that I ‘ve been slackin on the Blog

IT has been quite a while since my last post. More than two weeks to be exact, but things have been going really well. I went on an overnight sailing trip with my dad and a couple of his friends, and had a great time relaxing. It was really great to just be able to spend time with dad, and not have anywhere
for either of us to go. After all, we were kinda trapped on a boatWe went to bed with a sky full of stars, and woke to a mist that hung over the Chesapeake till nearly 1pm. When the fog finally lifted enough to navigate by, we set sail. The Annapolis Boat Show was in town and we puttered around the port looking and drooling over the boats. IT was also a GREAT opportunity to get in one last tanning session before the snow comes.

After Annapolis, I was home for a few days, shot a concert for Vanilla Ice (he performed at Diesel Club Pittsburgh). It was Horrible!!!! I cannot stress that enough. The worst part was that I actually agreed to shoot the concert before I realized that it was the “Ice Ice Baby”. There are only so many refrains of “Go Ninja Go Ninja Go” that I can take.

Over the weekend of October 5, Rolling Rock Hunt had their opening meet.

Here is Rolling Rock Huntsman Hugh Robards as he sits waiting for the Blessing of the Hounds to finish so that the hunt can begin.

I had agreed to walk a friends daughter Catherine on a pony while her mom rode with the hunt. Catherine had a great time, and it was such a beautiful day to be out for a walk.

Below is a shot of Catherine on her pony for the day.

Below is a photo from opening day that I love. The little boy stood there gazing up at a horse that was walking past him.
Life has been great here in Western Pennsylvania. The fall is slowly coming, and while the leaves are changing, the weather is still resisting the inevitable. While the cold will come soon, for now, these are the days to bottle up and save for a cold day in January or February.

On a different note, I just got back home from an impromptu trip to NYC to go on a photo safari with [b]ecker through Brooklyn. It was a great time, and some photos will be up from that trip in the very near future.

I was also working on editing footage for my documentary that I am hoping to shoot in Uganda this coming December. I am working with three students from the New York School of Visual Arts to create a documentary on Education in Uganda. There is a really rough version on MySpace, that I would love for you to check out.

Please take some time to give me feedback on this. I am not finished with it, and it is a very low res verion, but I would love to get some feedback.


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