The USS Sequoia

JFK had his last birthday party there. President Clinton, and Russian President Gorbachev have hosted parties there, and on saturday night, a very close and wonderful family friend had a birthday party there.

Where is there? There is aboard the USS Squoia Presidential Yacht.

It was amazing to be on board vessel that has so much history. Kathy had her birthday party on borad with a close few friends, and i was asked to come along and shoot the photos.

As we sailed up and down the Potomac, we listened to wonderful piano, had an amazing dinner, and enjoyed eachothers friendship.

I’ve known Cathy 17 years, and actually grew up riding with her niece, who was always at her aunts side. But over the past few years, Cathy has spent more and more time in Washington DC, and so it was a great party because there were old friends and there were new friends.

AS Cathy walked up the gangplank, the piano player started singing Carly Simons #1 hit “You’re So Vain” and everyone started to sing until the end of hte first line where it says “You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht.” at that point everyone began to laugh and talk, and the song never got finished.

It was one of the most fun events that I have had the chance to photograph this far, and that has to be because she is such a good caring friend.

So here are a few from the night…

Cathy walking up to the ship.

Cathy and Alec boarding the USS Sequoia

An unbelievable cake (soon to find out who made it)

An end of the evening group photo on board.

That last photo was taken with one sb800 up and back on camera left, and fired with a nikon d200

In memory of that great night, todays video is Carly Simon “You’re So Vain”


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