The Sonrise School and Uganda

So today I was able to spend a beautiful day outside with good comapny. What more could you ask for? It was a beautiful fall day that started brisk and ended up getting warmer as the day went on.

Sheena and myself went to McConnels Mills which is a park of sorts. When there is water in the stream, it is a fun kyaking spot, but at the moment the water is so low that it would be useless to attempt it. We just walked on the trails, and talked about Africa. Sheena is trying to put together a missions trip to Rwanda to visit the Sonrise School which is where i was durring my first trip to Africa.

It is amazing how God places people in your life at certain times, because I met Sheena while I was in the local Verizon store looking at new phones. As i was checking out, we somehow got onto the topic of the documentary that I am working on in Uganda this winter on eduacation, and she mentioned that she wanted to got to Rwanda. I took a stab at where she was going, and it was right on the money.

So we spent a great day talking about the projects, and getting to know eachother.

Here are some pics from the day:

Sheena playing with her new camera.

The Mill behind the covered bridge.

A couple enjoying the day.

Small falls going down to the stream.


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