Six years ago today! It is hard to believe that its already been six years. Waking up that morning, hearing that one plane had crashed into Tower 1 of The World Trade Center, then watching the plane crash into tower 2. Later that morning, standing outside, we heard the plane overhead that went down in Somerset. My pastor was able to see it fly over our church in Ligonier.

It is a day when heroes were made, people died just doing their job, they thought only of rescuing others, many with little concern for their own life. While people ran out of the towers, heroes ran back into the flames. Risking their lives to save others. They didnt ask to be remembered, but they will be.

Take the time today to remember the heroes who risked their lives six years ago, and thank God for those who continue to fight for the protection of our country. To the men and women who wear a uniform, whot don oxygen masks and rush into the flames, the emt workers who save lives, those who search for terrorists, and fight for democracy, Thank you for your willingness to help others before yourself. God Bless you!

Todays song is “Have You Forgotten” by Darryl Worley


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