Its been a while.

So I know that I got back from Pelee and promised to post some pics, but I have been crazy busy this week.

I got back Monday afternoon, went to a family picnic and then drove my sister to Grove City. On Tuesday I met with a production house to discuss the creation of a documentary that i am working on. After my trip to Uganda last year, I have been researching education in Africa. In December i begin filming the documentary, and the production house (which does independent films and comercials) will be helping me to edit my film and create the website, commercials, and material for the DVDs. i am super stoked that this is coming along bigger than I had originally planned.

i also have a few pics from Pelee to post, but I will take it slow this time around and post them one at a time. Today’s photo is of a sunset from the west dock. It was durring the week up there and the island was practically dead. It was so serene up there with the lake and the sunset.

Then this weekend things got wound up a bit. It was great to get back up there for a few days though, and I had a blast.

The first few days were quiet, like the picture portrays. But the weekend was a whole different story. Friends came up for the weekend, there was a birthday party, music, wine, fishing, and I even dove off the North pier, which is kinda gross cause you have to run and clear about four feet of seaweed that is along the dock. I did that after about four hours of fishing and not catching ANYTHING AT ALL…except some seaweed!

Earlier that day we had decided to take the row boat out, and it was a little rough. and when i say a little, i mean the waves were practically breaking over the boat, and my forearms were burning from trying to row out. Once we finally got out, we got about 3 casts in, and when we looked towards shore, we were 50 yards closer. The waves just kept driving us in. THe closer we got, the more water we took on, and the lower the boat sat in the water. Right as we were about to hit shore, the boat hit the sand, and it took us forty minutes of bailing water and pulling to get the boat back onto the beach so that we could fully drain it. Thats ok, what fun is vacation witout a bit of excitement.

THe rest of the trip was a typical island weekend, sleep late, jump into the lake, eat, and start partying. Nap, then start over. But it was a blast. More pictures will come soon.

Todays song is “Save Room” by John Legend


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