Nikon D3

So i was looking around online today, and I just saw an article on the new Nikon D3. They say that it is supposed to come out in November, and it seems like it would be exactly what I want. Only one problem. IT is a full frame camera. Nowm I am not currently sure if the camera will still be able to use DX lenses when shooting at full resolution, but it still has a 2x crop mode and can shoot upto 11 frames per second. My biggest reason for being excited is that it boasts a better auto focus than the D2h and D2x and has a normal noise range of 200 iso – 6400iso, and a high 2 that goes to 25000 iso.

I only hope that the camera can still use dx lenses, and i hate the idea of needing a 300 when my 70-200 was the same distance.

To learn more, check out Ken Rockwells review


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