I had the wonderful chance to go down to Annapolis MD this past week to take my sister down to visit her old college roomate Meredith. Her dad has a sailboat, and it was my first time ever on a sailboat. It is so much more work than a regualr motor boat like I am used to partying on, but it is definately worth all the work and maintanence that goes into owning a sailboat, from the experience that I had.
Wed. night we got into Merediths’ house and after dinner we got to go into town. We met up with a friend of mine who was interviewing in Baltimore, and walked around the harbor. Then Mers brother Chris who is an artist met up with us and we went and got ice cream.

Then my sister Mer and I walked around after Amy and Chris had Left.

This is available light using the street lamp and the light under the girls.

The next day we got the chance to go sailing, swimming, and crabbing. We didnt catch any crabs, but my fear of jelly fish was well deserved because my last dive off the pier, as i was comming up one stung me across my neck arm and stomach.


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