So yesterday i was really excited about the possability of going to Pelee Island for a few days of relaxing on the Beach, reading, devotion time and editing. I decided not to go because I would have had a 4.5 hour drive then I would have had to take a ferry across to the island. I decided that It wouldnt have been as relaxing as I would have liked it to be.

Since quiet time is so important in my life, I decided that I would go to my parents house (up in the mountains) and take some time to read, play golf, and edit. It turned out to be a much wiser choice, because there was no stress involved in figuring how to get there or how long it would take, or missing the boat if i got stuck in traffic.

I am heading up there with my family in August anyway, so till then I will use my time to get ready for that trip.

The reason that I love going up to Pelee is vast. It is a beautiful island with nature reserves, old foundations of a vinyard, a new vinyard, and no tv or internet in our cottage. So when you go up there, you take a few good books, and a camera. This year I am going to take our boat all the way around the island, which is something that I have never done. It is only 9 miles long and 4 miles across, but there are some places that I want to shoot that take longer to get to on foot than they would in a boat.

Todays song is “Summertime” by Kenny Chesney

I have a question though.

Do you guys like the videos, or should I quit doing that and focus more on photography?
Leave a comment and let me know. or email me at “”


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  1. mespeicher

    Do a mix. I love your photos

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