Be.The.Change. is up and running

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So in December I took a trip to Uganda, knda last minute, to document Be The Change and their students in Uganda. This December, we are heading back to Uganda, for 3 weeks to visit with the students, re enrol them in school, and I am going to continue to document the organization and the students. I am also working on putting a book together that They can use as a fundraiser and hopefully be able to sponsor more students than they are currently helping.

Please take a look at the group. It is a new group, and only about 2 years old. Currently we are sponsoring 11 students, and slideshows and a video will be online pretty soon. The slideshow is just a little ways off, and the video is being edited.

If you are interested in helping to sponsor a student, or helping me to get over there, please donate to

Origins NYC
c/o Be The Change
31-49 38th St #1R

I am hoping ot go over earlier than the group and work on a story outside of Nairobi Kenya before the team gets into the country, and possibly stay for a little while longer after the group has left.


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