Alive Festival Big Start

So today was the kick off of the Alive Festival. Last night (Tues night) they had a free concert and it was a gret kickoff. Today I hung out at the festival with David Jay, a GREAT photographer and business man from California. He has really pushed for photographers to create freedom in their lives.

It was a great chance for us to hang out, worship with the crowd, and it really helped me to see how much my life has been blessed so far, and that if I work on providing good customer service, my life and work will be simplified and my clients will be happier because I will be able to provide better service.

I am going to be trying to get a group of photographers together and bring DJ into town for a conference on how to simplify our lives, and to see how his software ( can help to increase awareness at weddings.

This has been such an awesome couple of days for me because I see how God can really work in peoples lives. The festival was filled with young kidsjust singing and praising and I ran into one of my brides from last summer. She was at the festival with the youthgroup that she is working with now.

It was so great to see you today and I wish only the best for you (Hannah) and Brock.

Jeremy Camp ended out the night at Alive, and he put on such a great show tonight. Thanks to everyone that helped to make this a great couple of days.

Simplify your life, then you can really enjoy it.


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