Winning the Race

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” ~Galatians 5:1

I heard that in a sermon yesterday, and it is so true. So often I find myself glued by fear and afraid to take the necessary steps towards complete freedom; freedom that comes in the form of being out of school, knowing where I am headed in my life, and what my purpose is.

That freedom is slowly working its way into my life. I have the support of family, and I am beginning to pick up business where I want it. It is the freedom that is felt when you slowly start to win the race. You have to stay on the right path, and make your move at the right time.

The time for apathy is at an end. There are opportunities out there, but they are waiting for the people who are going to take them, the people who will make their move. The people who are understanding what freedom is.


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  1. mespeicher

    Well said Danny…and well done. Your pictures make me feel like I have met these people and been to these places. Nice.

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