Patrick and Litzi’s engagement

Parick and Litzi just recently got engaged. Patricks’ parents are so excited that this has finally happened, that they had them fly in from London for a champagne toast on Saturday night and a party on Sunday. I was happy to be able to shoot some photos at the event and grab a nice formal for their parents. I havent had time to take care of the noise issue, but I am about to start shooting film at receptions because here on the East Coast, reception halls are incredibly dark. I guess I should have brought a flash, but thier parents asked me to stop in and say hello. I hadnt planned on shooting many photos. Oh well. they were glad that I brought a camera, (having left theirs at home) and I am glad that I was able to give friends a unplanned moment and gift.

This all came so quickly that they havent set a date yet, and havent figured out which continent they are going to get married on. Congradulations guys. It was a wonderful party and great to see you again!


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