It’s almost over. The end of my senior year at Point Park is quickly approaching, and it will be time for me to move into the real world. I have a job working as a second shooter this summer, I’m really excited about that. I’ve only seen how I shoot weddings, but the thing I am excited about the most, is learning album design. It is something that I have never done, and I cant wait to see how it is done.

Graduation is May 5th. I’m not really excited about it. But I told my parents that If I didnt have a job to shoot, aka a wedding, that I would walk. Even though I dont want to, they have been so supportive of my schooling and my life, that if it would make them happy, i would do that for them.

It is Easter weekend everyone. have a blessed holiday.


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  1. mespeicher

    ….and we are very proud of you, Dan. What a gift you have that is fearless and curious, that chooses to cross continents or the city street to catch a glimpse of the surprising, the starling, the joys and sorrows of life around you. Go boldly. Pray always. Be wise.
    Mom and Dad

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