Spring Break

Sometimes it feels like I am trapped in a deep hole and cannot get out. When times are like that, I try to re focus myself on God. He can bring us out of any place that we are stuck in. It just may not happen on our schedule.

Spring Break is finally here. It is the time that I need to get caught up on some photography related work that has been taking a back seat to my course load. It shouldn’t be sitting in the back, but until May 5, 2007 or GRADUATION DAY, it will. From that time on, my days will be filled with what I love doing, interviewing people, and shooting photos.

Last week Pittsburgh had their celebration of Mardi Gras. It was a week late, and the parties didnt start till Fat Tuesday, but hey, we are north of the Mason Dixon so I guess we can do things our way. Any ways, I was shooting every night after 12 hours of class, and then I was shooting for Point Park University’s Adult Education Program as well.

This is just the kind of break that I need. Time to relax and get caught up on work that I let fall behind. I am hoping to go to New York City this weekend. I want to get together with some of the Be The Change group members and go over video that I shot in Uganda.

I finally found someone that is interested in editing the film for us, so I want to view it with the group and get some ideas of what they want to see used for the promo tape, as well as a brief web video.

Thanks for the support, time for editing and skiing/snowboarding is just what I need to get ready for the second half of the semester.


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