LIfe has been a bit hectic since arriving home from Africa. School started a week earlier than I thought it did, so that put a damper on the jet lag recovery. Then i forgot that I had not signed up for the one last class that I need in order to graduate. I am really not looking forward to this sememster, but Hey! It is the last one that I will take as an undergrad.

God has blessed me so much this year aready. Between school starting well, an amazing trip to Uganda and Kenya, and a few more weddings in the works to be booked, I am happy to say that this year will be busier than the last few years have been.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a few more photos from the trip. Some of these may make you laugh. They sure make me.

The last day before we left, we had a feast to thank people in the village, and to say good bye. Some refugees from the Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda, performed drumming, dancing, and singing. Some of our team members did as well, and we served a meal to nearly 50 people.


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